FIAES is an environmental fund that leads natural resources conservation processes in priority areas in El Salvador.

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Since 1993, FIAES has supported the conservation of ecosystems including forests, wetlands, coastal areas, watersheds, and agro-ecosystems, which are essential for human development because of all of the environmental services and ecological functions that they carry out. These include water production, food, climate regulation, CO2 sequestration, and climate change mitigation, among the most important.

The impact FIAES has had over the years has been possible thanks to collaborative work with local partners and in alliance with national and international organizations, including governmental agencies, donors, and the private sector.


We are a non-profit organization that leverages resources with governments, civil society, and the private sector to generate transformational changes in the sustainable use of natural resources, facilitating adaptation to climate change and ensuring the wellbeing and conservation of national patrimony.


Be a leading environmental fund, which catalyzes local and regional efforts to improve families’ quality of life and climate change adaptation through best practices in conservation, restoration, and sustainable management of socio-cultural resources.

Our achievements

  • Conservation, restoration, and protection activities in over 50 natural areas.
  • Conservation of hundreds of species of flora and fauna, including sea turtles and native and migratory birds that inhabit the wetlands.
  • More than one million people have benefitted from conservation and appropriate management of natural resources, in the territories where FIAES has worked.
  • Alliances with over 200 organizations for socio-environmental project implementation, in conjunction with local communities.
  • Promotion of best environmental practices and environmentally friendly technologies.
  • New techniques for restoration of ecosystems in critical states, such as mangroves.
  • Research and strategies on environmental issues including lake and river pollution, renewable energies, and flora and fauna inventory in the country.

Our strategic objectives:

  • Generate information for the conservation and management of natural resources
  • Support the development of environmental initiatives and build capacities of organizations and communities.
  • Consolidate and extend the network of strategic alliances to invest in landscape construction.
  • Address environmental issues, especially regional environmental recuperation and restoration in regions vulnerable to climatic threats.
  • Position important environmental themes in state agendas and create mechanisms to finance sustainable development and conservation.

Where do we invest?

FIAES targets support for natural areas that are nationally and internationally recognized for their environmental importance.

FIAES priorities investment in the following areas.

  • Conservation Areas: Protected natural areas that are important for the mitigation of climate change and the conservation of biodiversity.
  • Ramsar Sites: Wetlands of worldwide importance as wildlife refuges, especially for migratory and native birds, as well as for the human activites they support, such as tourism and fishing.
  • Biosphere Reserves: Regions that support an integrated approach to sustainable development, environmental education, research and natural resource conservation.


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