Environmental ambassadors

Celebrity support helps to amplify the urgent and universal message of the need to protect nature and natural resources, raising awareness of the importance of environmental conservation.

Their fame helps amplify the urgent and universal message of the protection of nature and its resources, contributing to the awareness of the conservation of the environment.

These goodwill embassadors promote the philosophy and the programs developed by FIAES to engage people in environmentally friendly habits to improve their own lives and conditions for those who surround them. These embassadors generously provide their time to support the FIAES mission and participate in different environmental culture events and field visits to places where FIAES is changing the relation of people and the environment. The embassadors are transmitting the message of protection to a national and if possible international population.

The goodwill embassadors share the commitment to increase awareness regarding the work for the conservation of natural resources and the project communities.

Despite distinct pathways to fame, these celebrities share a deep concern for the conservation of natural resources and a commitment to help forge a better world for all through the conservation of an improved and sustainable environment.

They voluntarily support FIAES activities in different possible measures, including social networks, conventional media and others.

Lorraine Menjivar


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years of fundraising and resourcing for conservation

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Lorraine Menjivar

It is one of the faces and talents that has stood as a program host and producer of television reports, in the national media.
It is committed to actions that contribute to environmental awareness and conservation of nature