Connectivity of natural areas for the conservation of the spider monkey

Forest Chaguantique in Nahuatl means "place of beautiful Springs" and is one of the natural protected areas of El Salvador. Account with around thousand hectares of land and is located in the municipality of Jiquilisco, right in the middle of the city of Jiquilisco and port El Triunfo.

This forest is characterized by trees of 50 to 60 meters of height. The most common species are the white Conacaste, Conacaste black, the river almond, the Ojushte - whose fruit is the food preferred by spider monkeys - and other small plants such as the Huiscoyol and the Platanillo.

Among its fauna is the spider monkey)A. geoffroyi), a species of APE that has only four fingers and pairs throughout the year. Only registers the presence of species in the reserve of the biosphere Xiriualtique - Jiquilisco.

The spider monkey population has declined over time by the degree of human disturbance, since this species presents low adaptability to human emotion, so their populations can decline easily when they suffer too much pressure by agricultural activities on land, noise on roads and firewood extraction.

It is noteworthy that this disturbance has been gradually falling for the contribution that made the guardarrecursos and responsible for the area to improve the conditions of the forest.

On the other hand, the species may face a problem of social and genetic isolation by not having contact with another population, which greatly reduces their reproductive success.

For the restoration of their habitat, FIÃES next to the ACUDESBAL Association are strengthening the sustainable management and the restoration of 60 has of forest cover in ANP and buffer zones. This is done through the joint leaders and owners of plots neighboring the ANP Chaguantique and salty forest.

This process aims to implement the connection of environmental corridors that encourage coverage of landscape areas nuclei of the biosphere reserve, with involvement of at least 10 communities living in the vicinity of these spaces natural or found within the protected natural area (PNA) and brokers to implement.

Within this framework, the signing of agreements with ACUDESBAL which next FIAES are contributing to the restoration of the sweet and salty forest the amount of $127,585.00 has been