V. strengthening component to the indigenous peoples of the reserve through the rescue of their ancestral knowledge linked to natural resources

  • Department: Sonsonate and Ahuachapán

  • LOCATION: Towns of Nahuizalco, Salcoatitán, Santa Catarina Masahuat, Izalco and San Pedro Puxtla

  • YEAR: 2017-2018

  • DURATION: from March 27, 2017 to March 26, 2018


    FIÃES US$ 100,000.00

    Return US$ 43,248.00


Recover the cultural heritage with the knowledge and ancestral knowledge as the basis of education, life and health of the indigenous peoples of El Salvador with the rescue and adoption of eleven elements of the cultural heritage in 5 municipalities of the Apaneca biosphere reserve- Ilamatepec, part inherent function "cultural diversity" promoted by UNESCO.


  1. Promotion and development of knowledge and ancestral knowledge (use of natural medicine, rescue of native seeds, farming practices and traditional craftsmanship).
  1. Strengthening the institutional framework for the development and promotion of ancestral cultural values formalizing and alliances between: bearers of culture, schools, municipalities for promotion of ancestral cultural values for reach 20% of the youth of the municipalities of the reserve.
  1. Increased knowledge and appropriation of ancestral cultural values among the population of 7,000 young people from the reserve


Product 1: organize and train 50 promoters facilitators of the culture of the reserve of biosphere Apaneca - Ilamatepec.

  1. Make a public launch event with 100 participants of component 5: "Strengthening the indigenous peoples of the reserve of the biosphere"
  2. Design and installation of two signs alluding to the project
  3. A document containing the State and location of cultural elements and identify carriers of the culture of the towns of Izalco and Nahuizalco, San Pedro Puxtla, Santa Catarina Masahuat Salcoatitan.
  4. Education and training in 15 days for 50 carriers of the culture of 5 municipalities
  5. Design and development of an educational guide as supporting material for training in the cultural theme.

Product 2: develop and implement the plan of education and awareness-raising for the promotion of ancestral knowledge to 2,000 young people who live in the sites of intervention.

  1. Formulate the plan for environmental education and awareness.
  2. Implementation of the plan of environmental education in 40 schools with 2,000 young people.
  3. Three workshops of Nawat edge with young people of the 5 municipalities with the component.

Product 3: formation of a cultural inter-institutional Committee

  1. Five workshops for the Organization of the Committee
  2. Development of 5 days of awareness-raising and training on environmental issues for 50 participants.

Product 4: development of two workshops of culture that promote ancestral values.

  1. Development of the first cultural workshop of the rescue of the historical memory and ancestral values
  2. Development of the second workshop of rescue and preservation of cultural elements
  3. An event of closure of the sea turtle conservation programme.

Product 5: Organization and execution of a cultural Forum with 100 participants.

  1. Form teams of work for the Forum
  2. Design and production of promotional material and setting for the cultural Forum
  3. A video that systematize the cultural Forum
  4. Elaborate a declaratory commitment to the Forum
  5. Produce a final document of systematization of the Forum

Product 6: implement 50 hectares of cultivation of dual purpose with ancestral practices

  1. Design and validation with indigenous farmers of 10 hectares with practices and traditional values in each of the five municipalities of intervention (Izalco, Nahuizalco, Salcoatitan and San Pedro Puxtla Santa Catarina Masahuat).
  2. Develop a program of training and awareness-raising on issues of the reserve of biosphere, chromatography of soils and climate change with 50 farmers leaders

Product 6: implement 30 community craft Creole seed banks.

  1. (a) develop five Community Conference on management and control of traditional Creole seed banks
  2. Develop a regulation of use of traditional Creole seed bank
  3. Assembly of 30 craft community seed banks Creole

Product 7: A systematization of the component of culture paper

  1. Preparation of the terms of reference of this document
  2. Elaboration and edition of the systematization document
  3. An event of closure of the project