Sustainable agriculture and livestock

Agriculture and livestock are fundamental activities that sustain many rural families, which should take into account environmental protection.

Impact of agriculture

Although these activities contribute to the economy, their unplanned growth can provoke serious damage to the environment because of their impact on ecosystems. Among the harmful effects of livestock, soil erosion, emission of greenhouse gases, and loss of water cycle stand out. Likewise, agriculture is associated with damage including deforestation, erosion, loss of soil fertility, and biodiversity loss.

A viable alternative includes sustainable agriculture and livestock systems, whose fundamental goal is food security, without damaging the environment. These activities maintain soil fertility and promote productive economic development in a sustainable manner over time.

What is organic agriculture?

Organic agriculture is a form of environmentally friendly production, as it does not utilize toxic substances that damage soil and human health. Instead, organic agriculture incorporates natural resources to nourish the soil and combat pests and other plant diseases. Among the advantages of this type of agriculture, lower pollution, lower carbon dioxide emission, greenhouse effect prevention, and soil and fauna conservation can be highlighted.

What is sustainable cattle farming?

This type of activity uses land areas to grow trees and grasses in combination with livestock. This kind of livestock production allows for diversified production; income over the short, medium and long-term; improved soil use; and increased environmental sustainability.

Activities that FIAES carries out:

  • Promotion of organic agriculture with emphasis on the use of mountain-based microorganisms and green fertilizers, among others.
  • Introduction of more efficient livestock systems that have lower environmental impacts, such as animal stabling systems, improved grazing lands, and other processes.
  • Alliances or investment mechanisms aimed at strengthening the supply chain and increasing business organization.

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