In order to promote business involvement, the background of environmental investment in El Salvador (FIÃES) organized a Conference on the importance of environmental compensation for sustainable development aimed at the various companies sectors of the country, on 20 September.

Keynote talk entitled "the State of the art of environmental compensation in Latinoameria" was conducted by Vladimir Varela, consultant international cooperation organizations and researcher at the Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza) CATIE).

As part of the issues that were addressed, Jorge Oviedo, executive director of FIÃES, spoke about the services, benefits and impacts of projects funded by environmental compensation administered by this organization.

We had also the participation of Jorge Castaneda, Manager of environmental evaluation of the Ministry of environment and natural resources of El Salvador (MARN), who explained the process of calculation of compensation for environmentally viable projects.

Successful cases of non-governmental organizations that have executed projects with environmental compensation funds were shared in the event and presented the plans and projects of environmental restoration FIÃES develops in 8 territories priority.

Environmental compensation is a tool that generates actions that seek to produce a positive effect equivalent to a negative effect on the environment. From the agreement Ministerial N ° 31 from 21 March 2014, FIÃES becomes the ideal mechanism to implement environmental compensation measures dictated by the Ministry of environment and natural resources, MARN, in assessment processes environmental.

According to Jorge Oviedo, executive director of FIÃES, thanks to an agreement with the MRNA, companies can make this procedure through FIÃES more agile and effective. In addition, achieved measures of restoration have more impact, because FIÃES already has plans and actions defined for the recovery of ecosystems, which are implemented in partnership with various non-governmental entities.

The benefits of environmental compensation through FIÃES include:
• Is convenient and efficient, which reduces time and eliminates processes companies
• Reduces costs because FIÃES identifies the project, site and implementing entity.
• FIÃES provides technical, financial and communications monitoring ecosystem restoration projects.
• Ensure transparent procedures because:
-Informs MRNA on the funds received and the investment made.
-Publishes the approved projects, its source of funding and makes accountability.
-Account with internal and external audits.


FIÃES is a Green Fund, which catalyzes resources for environmental initiatives, in partnership with national and international organizations, government entities, donor, civil society and private sector to generate transformative change that facilitate the adaptation of communities to climate change, ensuring their well-being and the preservation of the natural heritage of the country.
Through a territorial strategy, FIÃES works in a coordinated and cooperative manner with other actors to maximize benefits, fill gaps, and adapt dynamically to the realities and needs of the territories. Through this strategy seeks to strengthen the capacities and the local resilience for the restoration of ecosystems, landscapes and agro‐ecosistemas.