FIÃES you committed to the restoration of ecosystems in site Ramsar complex Jaltepeque

San Luis Talpa, 29 of August 2018

FIÃES, in alliance with four implementing organizations inaugurated four projects of restoration and conservation of the site Ramsar complex Jaltepeque, which will invest $656,725.84 billion; FIÃES brings $335,981.95 and 320,743.89 are the consideration by the Executive.

This investment includes the restoration of 130 hectares intervened with sustainable agricultural practices, in which expected planting about 35,000 forest and fruit trees, by means of agroproductivos systems; also projected the restoration of 16 kilometers of the basins to the Jiboa River and the reforestation of forests in protected natural areas: Nahualapa, Tasajera and Escuintla.

These activities are expected to improve the quality of life of 545 beneficiary families and thus, FIÃES run actions to ensure the provision of ecosystem services in the medium and long term, which are expected to reduce the adverse effects of the change climate, through the implementation of the processes of governance and the sustainable management of natural resources and productive systems that strengthen the livelihoods of the local communities and to ensure biodiversity.

Thanks to the investment of FIÃES embarks on a new strategy of territorial intervention, which is based on Sustainable Local Development Plan for the hydrographic region and site Ramsar Estero de Jaltepeque and even the politics of the Plan of action and restoration of ecosystems and landscapes of El Salvador, from the Ministry of environment and natural resources, MARN 2018-2022

FIÃES in the complex Jaltepeque actions:

For the implementation of the projects of the 38 of FIÃES call is counted with the financial support of FOMILENIO II, with an investment of $490,890 to implement the comprehensive plan for environmental compensation, generated by the works of extension of 27 kilometers of the coastal road, the section between the turn-off to Comalapa and the city of Zacatecoluca.

The four projects to be developed on the site Ramsar complex Jaltepeque will be led by the following organizations: Fundación Domenech, responsible for the project of sea turtles; ADEPROMINA, with agroforestry systems; Association Los Nonualcos, ALN, which will be responsible for the restoration of Gallery forests and agroforestry systems, and Association Madrecria, which will execute the project of restoration and protection of natural areas, which are:

 Reforestation of 49 hectares on the banks of the Jiboa River in adjacent sectors at the Jiboa bridge.
 Promote good practices of sustainable agriculture in 60 hectares, in surrounding areas to the Jiboa River, the Zorral lagoons and Lake Nahualapa;
 Reforestation of 30 hectares in protected natural areas, including sanitation and rehabilitation of the Nahualapa lagoon.
 Establishment of two pens for the protection and conservation of sea turtles that nest in the Jaltepeque estuary (at least 200,000 eggs incubation and release of 170,000 infants, approximately).

Is also includes the rehabilitation of the lagoon of Nahualapa through the extraction of 3 hectares of waterhyacinth (Eichhornia C.) and the removal of sediment and logs in 1 ½ km in the area of the drainage of the wetland; You will be also evaluated the level of the lagoon sediment.

Ileana Lainez
Territorial liaison unit
Site Ramsar complex Jaltepeque