FIÃES invests in restoration of natural areas that have environmental, national and international importance.

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As part of the strategy, FIAES works with communities close to the ecosystems, helping them improve their quality of life through sustainable use of natural resources and the adoption of good environmental practices.

FIAES has prioritized a new regional strategy for the development of processes of conservation, restoration and sustainable management of natural resources. This strategy relies on the effective construction of strategic alliances to ensure environmental improvements at a landscape level. In addition, in order to improve sustainable development outcomes, FIAES will develop work networks.

To transform these territories, FIAES designs local sustainable development plans that are implemented in partnership with non-governmental organizations, communities, local governments, and other relevant actors in the territory.

The formation of networks for sustainable development is another of the goals that the Fund has to impact on the environment.

Methodology utilized includes:

  1. Territorial selection
  2. Stakeholder mapping
  3. Creation of local, participatory assessments
  4. Creation and implementation of local sustainable work planes
  5. Strengthening of initiatives aimed at territorial sustainable development

Agreements and treaties that guides the work of FIAES:

FIAES supports national strategies and works within the framework of international treaties to which El Salvador suscribes.


environmental projects funded


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years of fundraising and resourcing for conservation

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