Local Economy

Entrepreneurship related to nature can contribute to local development. The above photos in this section are courtesy of domènech Foundation / project Callotl of conservation of sea turtles in the Costa del Sol. This project funded by FIÃES supports entrepreneurship as a strategy for conservation and local development.

The economic activities are all those initiatives that support the associativity of entrepreneurship groups related to the production, processing, distribution and consumption, integrated for the improvement of local or community economies.

These initiatives contribute to income generation and improvement of the quality of life of the families in a territory.

Examples of projects include: agricultural and livestock production, manufacture of clothes, preparing food, handicraft products, services, training and specialization of skills and entrepreneurial skills workshops, studies on marketing and marketing, among others.

In any activity, it is important to take into account environmental sustainability, which implies that processes and products must be friendly to the environment.

Bio business is a term referring to the processing and commercialization of goods and services derived from biodiversity when these include environmental sustainability and adequate technologies to minimize negative impact on species and ecosystems.

Some examples of bio business include:

  • Organic and natural products such as fruit, cereal, etc.
  • Medicinal and aromatic plants
  • Reproduction of wildlife
  • Crafts created with fibers, wood, seeds, etc.

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