Without water, life on the plant would not be possible. This resource is diminishing because of pollution and climate change.

Maria Teresa Díaz Colocho / Fotobiosfera / FIÃES

Water distribution


Water cycle

Conservation of forest coverage and soil is important for the development of the water cycle. Forests act as sponges, filtering rainwater while preventing soil erosion and landslides.

What are watersheds?

Watersheds are areas where water is filtered and feeds lakes, lagoons, and rivers. Watersheds need vegetation cover to soften the impact of rain as it falls and to avoid landslides. <br/> <br/> This prevents both soil erosion and the reduction in a watershed’s ability to capture water.

Actions that FIAES takes to preserve watersheds:

  • Soil and water conservation techniques and projects
  • Implementation of agroforestry systems
  • Control of ravines and torrents
  • Water infiltration systems
  • Fruit orchards as farm diversification

environmental projects funded


project implementing organizations


years of fundraising and resourcing for conservation

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