Conservation Nahuaterique area

Conservation Nahuaterique area is comprised of the natural protected areas: Cerro Cacahuatique, Cerro el Ocotal, Corinth, cerro Las Peñas Hill Goascorán river, River Toad, Torola River and Unama.

Municipalities that includes

  • The Rosary
  • Meanguera
  • Cacaopera
  • Corinth
  • Lislique
  • Arambala
  • Anamorós
  • Society
  • Polorós
  • Nueva Esparta
  • Conception of East
  • Chapeltique
  • Joateca
  • Jocoaitique
  • Perquin
  • San Fernando

Local organizations, municipal governments and associations of producers have managed to position the region as one of the destinations for natural and historical tourism in the national and international market.

There is recognition of Sapo River as a natural and historic area to boost a brand's products and services by applying good practices of environmental conservation in the area.


In this territory are identified 49 species listed as threatened or endangered, which include butterflies (1 threatened species), reptiles (1 species) and threatened 4, (22 endangered and threatened 15) birds and mammals (2 in danger).


The area is important for conservation and water supply and has high potential for generating income through ecotourism and historical tourism, beekeeping, environmental compensation programs, marketing of BioCarbon market, certified sustainable agriculture (especially coffee), forestry and non-timber forest products.


The extraction of natural resources has a variable impact between the different natural areas and protected areas according to the dependence of the local population to natural resources as a livelihood (fishing, hunting fauna, extraction ornamental flowers and medicinal plants, etc.)

Deforestation in different areas, including the upper part of the watershed; lack of incentives for forest management plans that integrate an ecological approach; accumulation of garbage by tourism and forest fires in the summer are some of the problems identified in this area.


environmental projects funded


project implementing organizations


years of fundraising and resourcing for conservation

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